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How could automated trucks result in fewer truck accidents?

Our readers in Las Vegas are probably starting to notice more news stories about so-called "autonomous" vehicles, otherwise known as self-driving cars. There are several major automobile manufacturers that are taking the plunge to get into this technology, and some have even progressed to the point where tests are being conducted on the roadways right alongside other vehicles. Self-driving cars will eventually lead to another possibility: self-driving semi-trucks.

However, with all of the concerns about the potential for deadly trucking accidents, as it is right now, can automated trucks really result in fewer accidents? For now, most people would probably be stunned to be driving down the road alongside a large vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds, and then notice that there is not a driver at the wheel. But, as this technology advances, we are coming closer to that possibility becoming a reality.

Truck drivers and drug and alcohol testing regulations

Truck accidents can occur in the Las Vegas area for a variety of reasons. In some cases, trucks are overloaded or the loads are not properly secured. In other cases, a truck driver may not react to road conditions correctly, or may overcorrect and cause the truck to jackknife. These types of causes are common, but one other cause may be more disturbing: impaired or drunk truck drivers.

Knowing that truck drivers may participate in the risky act of drunk driving, just as hundreds of thousands of other drivers do each year, the federal government requires truck drivers to adhere to drug and alcohol testing regulations. According to those regulations, all commercial truck drivers, those who have a commercial driving license (CDL), must adhere to the testing regulations.

What are some smart moves to make after a car accident?

Many of the previous posts in this Nevada blog have delved into the topic of legal action that can take place in the aftermath of a car accident. In some cases, the car accident is caused by the negligence of one of the drivers involved in the accident. As a result, a personal injury lawsuit is filed to recover compensation.

However, this legal action may not occur right away in many cases. And, our readers will need to know what they should do in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. It is a hectic and scary time when damaged vehicles are sitting on the side of the road, and there are injuries that need to be addressed.

Taking the time to understand motorcycle accident injuries

Most people would probably expect to see the number of motorcycles on the roads in Nevada decline as summer turns to fall. But, in reality, there will probably be just as many motorcyclists who want to take a nice autumn ride. When winter comes, the numbers will probably decline, but until then, our readers can expect to continue to see motorcycles on the roads. And, that means all drivers must continue to maintain awareness of motorcycles to avoid accidents.

Unfortunately, motorcycle unawareness is one of the most common causes of accidents that can cause serious injuries, even fatalities. A motorcycle accident victim could suffer broken bones, head injuries and permanent disability. When a motorcycle accident is caused due to the actions or inactions of a negligent driver in another vehicle, a personal injury lawsuit may be a good option to attempt to recover compensation to cover the resultant medical expenses.

Better safety features do not equal less car accident deaths

It can be easy to be left in awe of the advancements in technology that Nevadans see on almost a daily basis. Some of the advancements probably could not even have been conceived of just 10-years ago, but entrepreneurs throughout the country continue to push the envelope of technology that is available to the average consumer. Car companies, in particular, have been making markedly noticeable advances in vehicle safety technology.

Unfortunately, according to a recent report, the advance of safety technology is not having the desired effect: less car accident fatalities. In fact, the recent report noted that over 19,000 people have died on roads throughout the country this year. And, prior to the recent holiday weekend, some experts were predicting that it could be the deadliest Labor Day weekend in eight years.

Determining what amount of compensation to pursue

In all of the frustration that can ensue in the immediate aftermath of a Nevada car accident, many people are confounded by how to seek compensation from the party responsible. After all, if the auto accident was caused due to another driver's negligence or recklessness, our readers know that a personal injury lawsuit may be an option. But, when seeking compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, how do victims know exactly what amount of compensation to pursue?

First and foremost, the total amount will actually be added up from a variety of different areas. Typically, the most significant part of the expenses a victim will need to cover from a car accident are the medical expenses that accumulate.

What if the person who hit you is cited for reckless driving?

Many people in Las Vegas have been involved in car accidents before. For most, the accident was just a "fender-bender" that may have caused a bit of damage to the vehicle, which was repaired with funds provided by insurance coverage. However, we all know that car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. And, unfortunately, these types of accidents are actually fairly common. But, what if the person who injured you in a car accident was cited for reckless driving in the ensuing police investigation of the crash?

With all of the potential factors that could come into play in a car accident, a citation or criminal charge can be one of the most powerful pieces of evidence that an injured victim could use in an attempt to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. A reckless driver could have engaged in any number of risky behaviors to receive the citation, such as racing another vehicle, driving at a speed that was well above the speed limit or even attempting to pass when it was too dangerous to do so.

Shocking statistics for pedestrian accidents in Nevada

In Nevada, particularly in Las Vegas, it is not uncommon to see people walk rather than drive. Indeed, pedestrian traffic is heavy in Las Vegas which, unfortunately, also means that the chances of auto-pedestrian accidents occurring is enhanced.

To address the problem, the Nevada Department of Public Safety has created a "Zero Fatalities" initiative, an effort to raise awareness of the fact that drivers in automobiles need to be on the lookout for pedestrians at all times. Unfortunately, this effort has not moved the number of pedestrian fatalities toward the zero mark. The sad fact is that the number of pedestrian fatalities in Nevada has increased each year since at least 2009.

Working to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit

When Las Vegas residents find themselves in a position where they need to investigate the merits of a personal injury lawsuit, they are most likely doing so from a position of complications, pain or financial struggles. A person who needs to file a personal injury lawsuit has most likely suffered an injury due to another party's negligence or recklessness, and they have probably been racking up bills for medical expenses. And in a personal injury lawsuit that occurs in the aftermath of a car accident, injured people will likely need to come to terms with how they might be viewed in such a lawsuit: as a victim.

There is no doubt that, in some respects, filing a personal injury lawsuit against another party can seem like re-living the trauma of the accident. If a case moves toward a trial, the victim may need to re-tell various aspects of the accident, such as what they were doing, what they saw and how the injury that was suffered has had an impact on the victim's life. But there is also no doubting that the financial compensation that is being sought in the personal injury case can be extremely important for injured victims.

Recognizing the benefits for surrogacy as a way to grow a family

Many Las Vegas residents know that the traditional view of "family" is changing in American society. In many homes throughout the country, there are more family members around besides just a mother, father and children. In some cases, grandparents or grandchildren live in the same home. Or, in others, a same-sex couple may be raising children who have either been adopted or who were born through a surrogacy arrangement. When family law issues pop up regarding these types of issues, state law is usually applied.

A recent article noted the difficulties that one couple experienced with a surrogacy arrangement in Wisconsin. The couple, two same-sex men who were already fathers to two young girls, had a surrogacy arrangement with a woman in Wisconsin for a third child. The state laws in Wisconsin do not say much about surrogacy, but a state supreme court ruling had previously stated that surrogacy agreements are valid and enforceable if they are in the best interests of the child. In the case of these two same-sex men, there was no one contesting the agreement - they merely sought court approval and recognition of their parental rights.

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