Why Kunin Law Group for Probate and Trust Administration?

Experience you can trust:

Unlike other areas of litigation, Probate and Trust Administration do not always have two sides. These cases often involve multiple parties each taking different positions. We have experience representing all aspects of these cases, whether it is an executor, beneficiary, guardian, ward, or concerned family member. Our experience allows us to advise you on potential outcomes and assist you through what can be a complex process, whether you are tasked with managing the affairs of another, anticipate receiving assets from an estate or trust, or simply have concerns regarding the management of personal needs or assets.

We protect you:

When another person’s assets or needs are involved, the person managing those assets or needs is held to a higher standard of responsibility. We are here to protect you and ensure that you are acting within the law if you are the person charged with that responsibility. If you are a beneficiary, we are here to make sure you receive the information and assets you are entitled to by law.

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