Termination of Parental Rights

In all termination of parental rights proceedings, the best interests of the child must be the primary consideration. Moreover, in deciding whether to terminate parental rights, the District Court must always consider the best interests of the child in conjunction with a finding of parental fault. The Nevada Supreme Court has said that severance of the parent-child relationship is tantamount to imposition of a civil death penalty. The laws affecting termination of parental rights are continuously evolving in the courts. We have the expertise to evaluate each case in accordance with the statutes and current law.

Ishi Kunin has been doing termination of parental rights proceedings since her first position as a Deputy Attorney General for the Welfare Division, terminating the parental rights of parents who abused and neglected their children. These children are then free to be adopted by the families that have loved and provided for them emotionally and financially. Ishi Kunin is a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the author of the Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights sections of the Nevada Family Law Practice Manual.