Metro Police express concern over increase in motorcycle accidents

Driving in the Las Vegas area can sometimes be a very challenging experience for motorists. The region is a very popular area for tourists, which only adds to the high level of vehicle traffic on the city's roadways. Drivers will sometimes need to plan ahead to avoid any issues that they may encounter, as accidents frequently lead to delays on major highways.

For motorcyclists, there are increased dangers that they need to be aware of when they are traveling in and around the city. Many other drivers simply do not notice motorcycles until it is too late, and unfortunately, this can often result in very serious injuries for those on the motorcycle.

Recently, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department has expressed concern over the number of motorcycle accidents happening in the area. In mid-October, Metro Police stated that there have been 24 individuals killed so far in motorcycle accidents in 2013, which is nearly one-third of all fatalities that have occurred in motor vehicle accidents in Las Vegas.

Officers believe that many of these accidents are happening because drivers are distracted due to talking or texting on their cellphones while they are behind the wheel. Despite Nevada's distracted driving laws, which prohibit the use of handheld cellphones while driving, it is still a major problem in Las Vegas.

Distracted motorists pose a very serious risk to motorcyclists on the region. If drivers are not paying complete attention to vehicles around them, they may make sudden lane changes which can cause other vehicles to react quickly. Motorcycles are often not able to react as quickly as necessary, and the resulting crash often leaves the riders absorbing the complete impact of the crash.

Motorcyclists can help to minimize these risks by observing the behaviors of motorists nearby. If they see someone driving in a dangerous manner, they should do whatever they can to avoid traveling next to these vehicles. They may also wear reflective clothing in order to be better seen by other drivers on the roadways.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle or motor vehicle accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney regarding your claims. An attorney will be able to examine your accident, and discuss the options that may be available for your situation.

Insurance companies will often be very aggressive in trying to get you to settle your case, and you may not understand what your claims are worth. Do not enter any agreements until you are completely certain on the extent of your injuries. Often, these injuries will require extensive treatment and rehabilitation, which will result in very expensive medical bills. Settling too soon could make it impossible for you to recover compensation for all of the expenses that resulted due to the accident.