Holidays can be a dangerous time for pedestrians and motorists

Spike in accident fatalities in Clark County shows danger of winter driving

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is typically one of the most dangerous periods on Nevada's roads and highways. Shorter days and more drinking often contribute to dangerous driving conditions. A spike in traffic accident deaths in Clark County this year is showing how dangerous driving can be during the shorter, cooler winter days. In just a 13-day period, 20 people were killed on Clark County roads and highways in early November. The spike comes just as the Nevada DMV has launched a campaign encouraging drivers to be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians while on the road.

Holiday spike

Alarms have been raised by the fact that 20 people died in Clark County accidents between November 5 and 17 of this year. The spike leading into the busy holiday season does not bode well for traffic safety this December. Police say a number of factors may have contributed to the spike, such as shorter days, more pedestrians out in the cooler weather, and people wearing darker winter clothing.

Furthermore, the holiday season is usually the most dangerous period to be on the roads. In addition to the dangerous conditions created by shorter winter days, police also note that there are more instances of drunk driving during this period. An average of 700 people are injured or killed every day in traffic accidents between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day across the country.

"Share the Road" campaign

Pedestrians and bicyclists are at particular risk during the darker winter months, a point highlighted by the launch of a recent Nevada DMV campaign promoting pedestrian and cyclist safety, according to the Nevada Appeal. The campaign will allow drivers to purchase license plates with a "Share the Road" message. The proceeds raised from the sale of the plates will be used to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety throughout Nevada.

While news stories typically focus on preventing fatalities and serious injuries that arise from serious car accidents, the injuries caused by seemingly minor accidents often go unreported. Bicyclists and pedestrians, for example, may be struck by a vehicle and not initially be aware of the extent of their injuries. The shock of an accident can mean it can take hours and sometimes even days for internal injuries to become apparent, although these injuries, especially brain injuries, can be very serious.

Legal representation

The problem with such injuries is that in Las Vegas police will typically not come to the scene of an accident unless somebody requires immediate medical attention. As a result, people who do not realize they have been injured until hours later will often not have a police report describing the accident, thus complicating any claims for compensation made against a negligent driver.

Such victims, however, should not feel as though there are no options available, but they will require professional assistance and expertise to move forward with any claims. An experienced personal injury attorney can help accident victims understand what rights they have and what kind of compensation can be pursued, including possible claims against a negligent driver.