Drunk driving in Las Vegas

Nevada lost 79 lives in drunk driving accidents in 2013. Clark County was the location of 62 of those deaths.

The month of April is designated as Alcohol Awareness Month. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. reports that as many as 16,000 people die at the hands of drunk drivers every year. Spring break season is still going on and that can also exacerbate the dangers of drunk driving. These facts make it a good time for Las Vegas residents to take a fresh look at the risk they face due to people that make the choice to drink and drive.

Accidents abound in news headlines

Car accidents are reported by the news media on what seems like a daily basis. Far too many of these incidents involve the presence of alcohol. Just recently, an 18-month old girl in a stroller, a six-year old girl and a 58-year old woman were hit by a drunk driver while waiting at an area bus stop according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The three victims were all taken to University Medical Center. The six-year old and her grandmother were declared dead at the hospital while the 18-month old was treated and released.

The driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the accident but was later apprehended by officers. He has been charged with two counts of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Two other families are also suffering the losses of their loved ones due to the actions of a drunk driver. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a 17-year old girl and an 18-year old girl were in a Nissan Versa that rolled over after being hit by a drunk man driving a Mercedes. Both girls were killed in the accident. The incident was the man's second DUI arrest in less than one year. The prior arrest was from last July.

A judge has revoked the defendant's bail. The driver admitted to drinking at least six alcoholic beverages in a 90-minute time period the night of the accident.

Statistics back up the danger

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics confirm the stark realities that face Clark County residents. Statewide, Nevada experienced 79 drunk driving fatalities in 2013. Clark County was the site of 62 of those deaths. Five people died in such accidents in Washoe County and another three in Nye County.

Help is needed

People who must suffer the agony of drunk driving accidents and their aftermath should talk to an attorney promptly. Compensation is important for victims and family members.

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