Authorities in Las Vegas crackdown on pedestrian accidents

Las Vegas is a city with many things to boast, including a growing pedestrian population. According to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, the city has made some changes. These changes have allowed an increase in residential and commercial uses throughout the downtown area, leading to a jump in pedestrian travel.

Unfortunately, the city is also well known for its large number of pedestrian accidents. The Community Partnership and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are joining forces in an effort to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents in the area. These efforts include a fine of $250 for drivers who do not stop for a pedestrian.

Pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has had numerous pedestrian accidents already this year. Recent estimates for this year find 35 pedestrians were killed in accidents in Las Vegas as of August, 2013. In 2012, 42 pedestrians were killed.

A large number of these accidents involved children under the age of 18. Almost 25 percent of the deaths recorded in 2012 were children. A recent report by CBS Las Vegas is calling attention to this statistic. The sobering numbers serve as a reminder for drivers to be more aware of their surroundings, particularly with the new school year in full swing.

The media is also reminding drivers that officials are working to increase public awareness of this issue. In addition to local efforts, The U.S. Department of Transportation is pushing for implementation of measures to increase pedestrian safety. A recent press release from U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx called for cities to take steps to increase the safety of the roadways for those who choose to walk. The changes that are necessary vary for each city and can include installing additional pedestrian countdown signals and reducing the speed limit in some locations.

Drivers who are responsible for an accident with a pedestrian are likely liable for any injuries that result. Causes of these accidents can include distracted driving violations, speeding and intoxication.

Remedies available for victims

If you are injured in an accident while walking in Las Vegas, compensation may be available to cover the cost of your injuries. Medical bills, rehabilitation and other expenses may be eligible.

Generally, victims qualify for this compensation under the legal theory of negligence. In order to establish the driver was negligent, the injured person must show that the driver:

  • Owed a legal duty to the injured person.
  • Failed to meet this duty.
  • Caused the accident that led to the injury.
  • The injury was the result of the accident.

Establishing each element can be difficult. As a result, those injured in a pedestrian accident should contact an experienced Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorney to better ensure a successful outcome.